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Moving a shed on a trailer

Our services:

  1. Shed delivery from the manufacturer
  2. Moving a shed from one home to another
  3. Moving a shed across the yard
  4. Site grading & preparation
  5. Stone pad installation
  6. Snow Plowing & Ice Control
  7. Top Soil Delivery

Need a shed, garage or gazebo moved?

Hire an expert... Northeast Shed Movers

When moving a shed across town, or from one spot on your property to another, the process can complicated and full of surprises. Sheds weigh significantly more than expected and can easily be damaged if not moved properly. Rapid weight shifts can distort or even break the frame. A shed's trim and windows are vulnerable to breakage when they come in contact with tree limbs and shrubs. Moving a shed requires special equipment and expertise that most homeowners simply do not have. Why risk damaging one of your home's most significant investments... hire a pro, Northeast Shed Movers.

John Adams, owner of Northeast Shed Movers, involvement in the shed business dates back over 20 years. John has worked in shed site preparation, built sheds and for the last 18 years, moved sheds. Northeast Shed Movers has all of the specialized equipment and experience to ensure a safe moving experience for your shed. For over the road moves, Northeast Shed Movers holds a commercial drivers license (CDL) and the ability to obtain the necessary permits for the transportation of the oversized loads.

And finally, Northeast Shed Movers is fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

We have moved many of CT's finest brands of sheds

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